Where We All Started

History of Teta Mari

Welcome to Teta Mari

TETA MARI started on a dream that cousins Sandy, Diane and Candice had for many years. The partnership which started in 2012 was a combination set for success with Diane’s experience in the restaurant industry and Sandy and Candice’s love of and passion of creating good food. The establishment truly is a family affair having its ethos rooted in Sandy’s grandmother’s generous nature and her many wonderful recipes, hence the restaurant being named after her.

Teta mari Style

TETA MARI offers a wide variety of both American deli-inspired meals and Middle Eastern dishes.  One of the most popular meals is the Middle Eastern Shawarma on a plate.  Made from scratch with the freshest and finest ingredients.  The deconstructed shawarmas consist of our home-made hummus (a creamy tangy thick chickpea dish that Teta Mari is renowned for).  Tahina (a sauce of sesame goodness), paper-thin fried brinjals cooked in olive oil, Israel salad chopped finely in a lemon and olive dressing. Warmed pita and shawarma meat (rump, Lamb, Turkey or Chicken) Coated in our homemade shawarma spice and cooked to perfection.  Our Zhug (chilli) compliments the dish perfectly, as well as our American style corned beef on rye, with our famous sweet mustard, pickled cucumber, lettuce and tomato, ensuring that customers always come back for more.

Sandy, Diane & Candice

History of Teta Mari

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